Beat the Summer Heat and Lower Your Electric Bill with Window Tinting

With Summer around the corner, the bills from FPL are only going to go higher as the heat starts to kick in.

Owner of Light and Bright Window Tinting, Donnie Greenberg says, “window film is one of the best ways to beat the heat and lower your electric bill, besides all the other benefits that the film has to offer, such as glare control, ultra violet protection and glass shatter protection.”

A good rule of thumb is the one Florida Power and Light offers, they say that any window film that blocks out at least 60% of the heat is a film to buy! 60% is considerable, especially if your home has a lot of window space.  So for an easy way to reduce your electricity consumption, have your windows tinted by Light and Bright Window Tinting and spend less on your electric bills.

By the way, I tell everyone of my customers to take advantage of the rebate program that Florida Power and Light offers called “on call”, it’s free and saves you money, get it now!

Also the window film counts as a home improvement, so you can take it off your taxable income! Save, Save , Save with window film.

Window Tinting Palm Beach Florida

This window film keeps out 79% of the heat.

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