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Light and Bright Window Tinting specializes in using only the best window film to give customers quality protection for their buildings. For us, that means using American Standard Window Film, Suntek, SolarGard, and Madico, all American-made products with lifetime warranties.

Features include:

  • Provides comfort and reduces glare.
  • Saves energy and protects furnishings.
  • Beautifies windows with easy maintenance.
  • A warranty that lasts.

The window film we use is a micro-thin film composed of polyester and metalized coatings bonded by adhesives that are installed onto glass surfaces to provide significant solar protection. It screens out heat, blocks out 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, and deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare while allowing glare-controlled sunlight to pass through. The window film adapts to the changes in the seasons, reflecting the hot sun in the summer, and with Low E films to re-radiate heat in the winter, so you can be comfortable all year long.

The film is so ruggedly constructed that it resists scratching and is backed by the best warranty in the industry. Our experienced installation staff can quickly and safely install it for you. No matter how large or small the project is, we can provide you with prompt, professional results that make a clear difference.

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