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The Advantages of Window Film

Making your home more energy efficient can involve projects such as covering your roof with solar panels, erecting a backyard wind turbine or installing a new air conditioning system. However, there are other simpler, less-expensive strategies that can make a major dent in your energy bills, too.

Solar-control films can block as much as 80 percent of the solar heat coming through glass into a building. In homes, film is usually applied to the interior surface of the window. The film can be almost completely clear, or darker to reduce glare and provide extra privacy.

Some films even feature patterns and designs — and a few even mimic stained glass. It can decrease the heat load on the air-conditioning system and reduce energy costs.

Although window film is a passive, low-maintenance, energy-saving project, the product itself is by no means low-tech. The film consists of from 6 to 14 layers of polyester that have been treated chemically or with a metallic deposition process. The finished film is 1½ mils thick — that’s 1½ thousandths of an inch. It’s complex to manufacture. The thought that it’s just a sheet of shiny plastic is not true.

Window film not only saves energy, it can keep what’s in your home from suffering the ravages of ultraviolet light, which can cause carpets, furnishings, fabrics and artwork to fade or discolor. The film companies estimates that 40 – 60 percent of color fading is caused by UV exposure. FPL recommends that homeowners install film on windows that face east, west and south.

One final piece of advice about installing window film – you’re probably better off leaving the job to a pro. If someone is very good at installing wallpaper, they could be good at installing window film, I’ll even sell you the film if you think you can do it. Everyone else should rely on a professional. Just remember the frustration you experienced when you tried to apply a dust-and air-bubble free protective film to your smartphone or tablet. Now imagine trying to do the same thing to a surface the size of a pool table.

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