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Window Tint South Florida

Having window tint installed on the residential windows is a very smart thing that all South Florida homeowners should consider. From energy savings to looks and privacy, window tint brings outstanding benefits to homeowners and increase the value of residences.

For an example, depending on what window tint type and color used, homeowners can save up to 25% of energy/month since it blocks the heat coming into the homes. Florida homes often have a great amount of openings, glass windows and sliding glass doors added to the design of the homes to expose the landscaping, lakes and ocean views. However, it can be a nightmare trying to keep the rooms to a decent temperature, especially during summer time.

“We have been installing window film on homes all over South Florida for the past 30 years and it still amazes us the difference in comfort, temperature and saving it brings to homes and homeowners. Houses and condos with excessively exposure to the East and West side should experience great energy savings when covering the windows with window tinting” says Donnie Greenberg, owner of Light and Bright Window Tinting located in Weston, Fl.

Window Tinting South Florida

Window Film comes in different sizes to minimize cost and waste and it is offered in different shades to accommodate styles and colors of homes. Window film projects are very detailed and required great preparation before installation. Therefore, the use of a professional and reputable company is a wise thing to consider. Cleaning and preparing the windows are a very important part of the process, since anything that come in between the film and the glass, during installation, can be seeing and spotted very easily.

Light and Bright window tinting has been serving Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties for the past 30 years and it has a great customer service and professionalism reputation. For additional questions or to request your free estimate click on Window Tinting South Florida.